“Curiosity about life in all it’s aspects,
I think, is still the secret of great
creative people.”

Leo Burnett

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Brand building is a skillful, creative and deliberate process that aims to create a desired perception. I believe in creating passionate, emotion-provoking, sustainable brands - a unique identity strategic to every business.
A good user interface is intuitive and user friendly. It brings the required information to the users quickly, easily and effectively. I create excellent user interfaces that tell the brand story and serve as a basis for user-brand relationships.
Branding processes are often confusing. What is the appropriate brand strategy? Does the brand need updating? How will the brand be implemented within the company? I’m here to assist.

Hi. Welcome to mayuga

Founded by Michal Ronen, Mayuga is a multi-disciplinary design studio.

I specialize in creating successful brands across all mediums and formats. A fascinating web of knowledge and understanding of space and clear vision has been woven through years of significant experience with the best of companies. This inspires me, enabling me to create leading and successful brands with ingenuity, in a variety of fields.

I believe that curiosity leads me to discover the story, the uniqueness and the message that stand behind companies. I design creative and effective ways to convey these to the target audiences, responding to the requirements with the best solution.