Mayuga studio

The Mayuga Studio was founded in 2011. Over the years, the studio has conceived complex and challenging commercial design projects, ranging from leading international and national organizations, to accompanying clients from the off set, through processes leading them to new heights.

A fascinating web of knowledge, experience, understanding of space, and clear vision has been woven through years of significant experience with the best of companies. This ingenious web has been an inspiration, enabling creation, development and empowerment of leading and successful brands, in a variety of fields.

The work process combines feelings with thoughts, harmony with needs, and esthetics with imagination and creativity. It starts with perception of the company’s or product’s essence, and the challenges faced.

This is done through market research and classification of the target audience and their requirements, enabling definition of the brand strategy. The next stage is visual research, which connects to the concept and the strategy implementation.

Together these give rise to a unique visual language, which provides the long-term basis for a wide range of marketing materials and communications, both print and digital. The result of this omprehensive, tailored process is a significant, memorable and long-lasting brand experience.

About me

My name is Michal Ronen. I am a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.
After having worked as a senior designer in renowned and leading design and branding
firms, I founded my own studio – Mayuga – which enables me to work with the projects
I love and believe in most.

At the basis of my work as a designer, I believe that what leads me is curiosity to discover the stories, the uniqueness and the messages that stand behind companies. I convey these to the target audiences in an effective and accurate way, responding to the requirements with the appropriate solution.

I love what I do and believe in sharing. This has led me to teach and share my knowledge and experience with upcoming designers.